Paweł Jaworski

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fot.  Maciej Zienkiewicz

Philosopher and urban planner, he develops experimental urbanism that combines design, research, and participation. Raised in Pszczyna in the ‘Osiedle Piastów’ neighborhood, for many years he has been devising solutions for public spaces in Polish cities by testing temporary development strategies. His efforts have been recognized in competitions by the European Commission for key mobility initiatives (Mobility Action Award 2022 grand prize, Mobility Week Award 2021 nomination), as well as by the Innovation In Politics Institute (Innovations in Politics Award 2021 nomination in the Democracy category).

For me, Pszczyna holds a dual significance – past-oriented and private as well as future-oriented and public. It is a land of my childhood, but more importantly, it is a hub that can become a European laboratory for small-town dynamics. I approach its environmental protection, urban management, tourism, culture, and demographics in a broader context to extract common features, not just specifics. From this perspective, I describe Pszczyna as a place where diverse ideas to enhance small-town development and community functioning can be discussed, tested, and researched. It’s a platform where ideas can inspire people living in places with similar characteristics or scale, motivating them to take their own initiatives for change.