Marek Zieliński

photo: Paweł Dusza

A cultural manager, author of critical texts and concepts, and curator of dozens of exhibitions. For almost three decades, he has been the director of the Ars Cameralis Cultural Institution and the program director of the Ars Cameralis Festival. A graduate of the University of Silesia, he has authored cultural programs for the Silesian Voivodeship abroad, including in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bratislava, Moscow, as well as at EXPO in Hanover and Zaragoza. He’s the mind behind the concept and program of “Katowice – City of Gardens,” a project undertaken as part of the city’s efforts to earn the title of ECoC2016.

Pszczyna? Deceptively simple and seductively colourful amidst the industrial landscape of Upper Silesia.
It combines fantasy and reality, myth and history, and is a keeper of stories about people, animals and plants. It is also narratives about running dogs and lost cats, dystopian and fantastic stories, meditations on love. Here at the market, you can feel like an actor on a four-dimensional stage, entering which you feel transformed. At the Castle, on the other hand, in this theatre of mirrors, you will discover that all you need to do to enter the world of dreams is to bend the surface of a mirror..’