Joanna Helander and Bo Persson

Persson-helander kopia

Visual artists, documentarians, and photojournalists. An exceptional Polish-Swedish artistic duo. They document the lives of ordinary people and outstanding artists, meticulously investigate the relationship between individuals and authority, as well as phenomena related to terrorism and xenophobia. They boast numerous awards and distinctions, including the recognition of Władysław Bartoszewski, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, for outstanding contributions to the promotion of Poland worldwide (2001). Joanna Helander was honored with the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity by the President of the Republic of Poland (2012), and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic with the Jan Masaryk Award (2018). Bo Persson was awarded the Gloria Artis decoration (2013).

For me, born and raised in Ruda Śląska, Pszczyna has always been associated with its lush green landscapes and medieval traditions. However, for my Swedish friend Bo Persson, who regularly explores Upper Silesia, Pszczyna remains a terra incognita. The adventure of uncovering this exotic place lies ahead of us!

J. Helander