dr Wiesław Londzin

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An expert in beekeeping, Vice President of the Silesian Beekeepers’ Association. A consultant in ecotoxicology and toxicology, an authority in the field of bee diseases and methods of their treatment. An untiring promoter and educator – he willingly shares his knowledge with beekeepers across the country. An author of scientific publications and articles in industry publications. A recipient of national and international awards in the field of beekeeping.

Why Pszczyna?
Fate directed me to Pszczyna over 30 years ago. Was it mere chance? Likely so, but a very fortunate one. I discovered that here, the impossible becomes achievable, challenges are worth embracing, everything simply falls into place, and the people are open and incredibly supportive. Their kindness, diligence, activity, and creativity make me always invite my friends to Pszczyna. They leave with nothing but the best of impressions.