What have we already done?

Photo: Agnieszka Gowin, Pszczyna County

The idea of submitting Pszczyna’s candidature for the ECOC 2029 competition emerged in the local cultural community at the beginning of this year.

Since then, we have managed to:

  • carry out ‘Thinking about culture’, a consultation process with the creative community, which resulted in discovering Pszczyna’s potential and identifying the key problems of the city and surrounding municipalities,
  • create the strategic document ‘Pszczyna Programme for Cultural Development 2023-2032’, which covers the entire cultural and peripheral cultural life of the city and municipality (the document is available here),
  • set up the ECOC 2029 Office which coordinates activities related to the competition, as well as collects applications and initiatives of local cultural communities,
  • establish the ECOoC 2029 Programme Council, i.e. the College of Experts bringing together prominent figures – artists, creators, scientists, cultural managers and other specialists – who will consult and give their opinion on the competition application and the subsequent artistic programme of the European Capital of Culture,
  • engage with the local, regional and international communities

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