Act with us!

Grupa młodzieży podczas święta kolorów. Pszczyńska laba 2023
Zdjęcie z zasobów UM Pszczyna

The ECOC candidacy process activates residents and encourages participation in the cultural and social life of the city. At this stage of the work, we are gathering ideas, cataloguing potential, looking for local community leaders.

Therefore, if:

  • you create something interesting that you want to share,
  • you are missing something in the cultural life of the city (or you have already had enough of something),
  • you have an idea for a cultural event or project,
  • you know interesting stories about Pszczyna and the Pszczyna Land,
  • you want to become a patron of culture or otherwise support culture-related activities,
  • you are a local community leader or you know who is one,
  • you have questions, concerns or simply want to find out more about our initiative,
  • you feel the need to talk or want to engage

be sure to email or visit our office at 24/1 Piastowska Street.

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